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Smart Home

Smart Home

Where is the market for Smart Home developing towards?

The market for Smartphones and tablet computers is growing fast. These products will be found in practically every household in the years to come. Connected with this, the demand for a networked and fully automated house also rises.

What is currently still very cost-intensive and complicated in implementation can develop into a mass market in the near future. The tablet computer and the Smartphone will become the central operating element in the house. Light control, electrical consumption, TV, music, e-mail, video, digital books, images, cloud services, telephone, consumer control etc. will be controlled and run via the tablet computer.
Smart Home is being presented at many technical trade fairs. However, the current solutions are very costly, complicated, incomplete or the user or the integrator needs a lot of know-how.

The systems for the high-end users will continue to exist in future with the increase in demand. Parallel to these solutions, a mass market with automation for small to medium-sized purses will also develop.

Smart Home

The demand for these solutions is great. But alongside an intuitive operability, there must also be a complete, simple-to-install and affordable solution.

Precisely with a view to Smart Home, there are many questions for the manufacturers. How much standardization does a Smart Home need? Which are the features which the customer wants at all costs in his Smart Home? What must be done in order to make home automation appealing to a large mass? And which specialist partners can render these services with the customers all over the country?
Various branches, but with significant interfaces, are working on differing concepts. There are currently not many synergisms between the individual branches. The ICT industry, the electrical industry, blinds and sun protection industry and the experts from the AV-industry mainly follow their own paths.

With a view to home automation, each branch has its strengths:

  • Knowledge of customers' wishes and implementation by the AV branch, the sales channels from the ICT branch and the connection to architects with the access to the current projects via the electrical engineering branch.
    The great question of acceleration for the implementation has thus been clearly answered. Synergisms must be created between the individual branches.

The market for home automation will come. The fight for customers will be won by the manufacturers who quickly and professionally implement and market the customers' actual wishes.

At triup, we have the Experience and Expertise to assist you in building, developing, and maintaining a HIGH-PERFORMING Organization for Smart Home that brings HIGHER REVENUE and HIGHER MARGINS to your company. We accomplish this goal by providing Consulting and Analysis, Product Management, Infrastructure Development and Business Development.

A highly experienced Team with professional focus on Technique and Management for Smart Home recognize client needs and market trends at an early stage and derive product, sales and marketing.

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