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02242 - 918 275-0

We increase your success in sales

triup has specialized in customizing sales organizations of existing businesses and start-ups. Triup’s specific focus as wells as its main distinction to common management consulting firms is the operationalization of the projects. We ensure that the sales projects are  implemented in your company to the full extent.

Sales Consulting, Sales Training & Interim Management are our three pillars geared towards your success.
We train and coach management staff, executives and sales personnel on all topics relating to sales and support them individually in their personal development.

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Emotional Selling

Ready for the shark tank

Good sales personnel is required to go the extra-mile. The selling process is very complex. It is most definitely an activity that cannot be limited to some techniques, but must also contain characters-building measures. More than 85 % of what makes up a sales process takes place on the emotional on the emotional level. Insincere techniques are easily seen through by the customer. They can never have a lasting effect. We give you the right incentives for suistainable changes in the attitude ttowards your customers. Success and job satisfaction are the desired side effects of our training and coaching programs.

Emotional Selling

Individual Sales Training

More success in Sales

Salespersons are not born, salespersons are made!
No matter in which sales situation you want to acquit yourself well - most importantly you need confidence. Confidence springs from knowledge and personality. You must know and understand yourself and your goals. Just like you know your special talents, you need to also accept your weaknesses. Going new ways requires courage, zest and methodology. triup accompanies you and your business and focuses on sustainable development.

Individual Sales Trainings

sales and profit potentials

triup finds your hidden sales and profit potentials

We optimize your sales organization aiming for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. We actively support the implementation of the concepts taking advantage of a large pool of professionals. An experienced interim manager implements the developed concepts and strategies in your business. This means for you that the projects are effectively realized in your organization and thus a maximum success for your investment is assured.

Sales and profit potentials


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